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Introduction to Scientific Programming with Python

This repository contains source code and Jupyter notebooks for the book “Introduction to scientific programming with Python”, published as part of the Simula SpringerBriefs on Computing, 2020.

Book cover

The book gives a brief introduction to Python programming for scientific and computational applications, and is based on “A Primer on Scientific Programming with Python”. It was written for the introductory programming course “IN1900 – Introduction to Programming with Scientific Applications” at the University of Oslo.

Source code for code examples

Most of the code examples are available for download as regular .py files:

Jupyter notebooks for all book chapters

All the chapters of the book are available as Jupyter notebooks.

It should be noted that the notebooks have been automatically generated from the book source files and may contain minor bugs and inconsistencies. Be particularly aware of the following:

Known bugs and typos in the published version of the book

There are a few known bugs in the code examples of the published book. A list can be found here. The list is most likely incomplete, so if you discover new bugs and typos please report them to